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“We like to think that we have a unique approach to our investment portfolio. We take an in depth look at any investment opportunity in a range of sectors. If an investment opportunity seems favourable then we will work together with the business and our partners to ensure the success of the project.”

Liam Duffy, Empire Capital Director


Investment Areas

Empire Capital have investments and interests across varied sectors. Whilst we don’t focus on specific industries, the bulk of our knowledge, contacts and interest is surrounded in our 3 key focus groups.

Construction & property

Construction, refurbishment and management of both our own portfolio and external developments. Working with developers and tradesmen alike to produce oustanding projects across the North West with Nationwide expansion currently underway. A range of interests across the construction industry.

Ecommerce & Technology

Management and promotion of online marketplaces through our international trade partners. Working directly with brands and manufacturers to provide wholesale and retail value for their products across our diverse group of online outlets. An ever changing and fast paced environment worldwide.

Manufacturing & sourcing

The research, development and production of innovative products and in demand services across a range of sectors. Sourcing and manufacturing key products and materials with our contacts across the world through our relationships with key UK wholesalers and international suppliers.

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Empire Capital are always looking for new investment and acquisition opportunities. The best way to sell your business or get investment with us is to complete our simple fact finding forms. This will help us provide you with the best price for your business. With our Worldwide experience, portfolio and reach we are carrying out business investment and acquisition in both the UK & America.

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Meet the Partners

Headed by experienced businessmen Liam Duffy & Stephen Duggan, we work closely with our investors. Based in Liverpool with a fantastic reputation nationwide for their unique approach to business and forward thinking investments.

We can work with you to provide a high yield for your investments or to provide your company with the much needed cash and knowledge to guarantee success.

Our team at Empire Capital are business focused and passionate about our portfolio.

Investors will have a dedicated account manager on hand 24/7 to provide you with updates, advice and a friendly ear. Get in touch today to speak with our team and work with your new account manager.

Businesses looking for investment will deal directly with our onboarding team with our no fuss promise. We understand business and finance can be daunting, but we are a straight talking approachable firm with the desire to help your business succeed.

Liam & Stephen are genuinely excited for their full portfolio of investments and work daily with investors and businesses alike. An approachable capital investment firm with the desire to work on revolutionary ideas and products to make a positive impact worlwide.

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Do you have a business which requires investment and the involvement of our experienced stakeholders? Take your project to the next level with our financial backing and day to day input to help your business succeed. Investors, are you looking for a forward thinking and unique investment firm to work closely with you to provide incredible yields for exciting new projects? Get in touch today.

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